Our skin is such a sensitive organ, and unfortunately even the slightest damage can cause scars to appear. Being so exposed, skin is subjected to cuts, burns and scratches, and sometimes if the scar is bigger and positioned on some visible part of the body where it is hard to hide, it can cause an esthetic and cosmetic problem.

Most affected with this condition are people who have scars on their face, including acne scars which sometimes can be unsightly and blemishing. Luckily, nowadays, there are some very successful scar removal techniques, which can make a real difference in the size and the appearance of the scar mark, and ease the troubles of people whose appearance is affected by this condition.

Even though scars can’t be completely erased, our experienced staff will help you choose the right technique that best fits your personal needs, minimizing the scar mark on your skin and making it less visible.

There are many different types of scars. Some of them can even significantly contract the skin, influencing the movement, while others are just unpleasant to look at, no matter if they are thick or thin, recessed or raised.

Most Common Scar Types:

  • Keloid scars which usually go beyond the border of skin injury, and which are usually thick and raised;
  • Contracture scars are the consequence of burning the skin;
  • Hypertrophic scars are similar to keloid because they are raised, but don’t extend beyond the border of skin trauma;
  • Acne scars are the result of serious acne condition on the skin, and are very different in their appearance.

But, when we talk about scar removal, it is not only their type that makes a person opt for removing it, but also their position.

Scar Treatment in Dubai

There are several options for successfully removing scars. The right choice mostly depends on the size and the appearance of a scar that needs to be removed, because as we have said before, scars can considerably vary in their type and looks.

Some of the most common scare removal treatments are:

  • Topical creams, oils and ointments
  • Surgical treatments
  • Injection treatments

The first and not at all invasive technique is using topical creams, oils or ointments which can be over-the-counter or prescribed by your dermatologist. This kind of skin removal is used for scars which are the results of some skin trauma, such as a cut or some other kind of skin injury, usually not very deep.

When it comes to deeper scar marks, usually some surgical treatments are considered. Surgical procedures are different depending on the individual scar problem, so the plastic surgeon may recommend laser therapy, dermabrasion, skin grafts, or excision.

For example, skin burn scars are most often resolved with skin grafts, where the skin from another part of your body is used for covering the damaged area. For keloid or hypertrophic scars steroid injection treatments are very often used, and pitted scaring is often temporarily solved with collagen injections.

Newest Non-invasive Laser Scar Removal in Dubai

Also, our dermatology experts can choose some of the newest non-invasive treatments:

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