Collagenizing® is the biophysical alternative to pain and needles in skin rejuvenation. This non-invasive treatment gives you the perfect results: a glowingly younger, tighter, and softer skin. 

Based on biophysical rather than mechanical or chemical principles, Collagenizing® delivers heavy molecular substrates deep into the skin where they are needed. Collagenizing® enhances the natural characteristics of your skin: it works from the inside-out, like an “extracellular matrix” repair system that does not wash-off or fades restoring the beauty from the inside.

This technology uses electromagnetic energy delivered via topically probes that guarantee a homogeneous delivery of the main connective tissue constituents to where they are needed – Face, Neck Décolleté and hands.

Collagenizing® is performed by a licensed and experienced esthetician. This treatment includes deep cleaning, Microdermabrasion, steam, extractions, collagen mask and DEP Collagen and Vitamin C on Face and neck. Head, neck and shoulder massage. Your skin has never felt this clean, vibrant and hydrated. This is a medical-grade treatment that is relaxing and takes years off your face and neck.

The instant visible skin improvement advocates the infusion of the main connective tissue constituents Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronate. It is suitable for all skin types and conditions – there are no intolerances and no contraindication.

  • Uneven skin tone?
  • Fine lines?
  • Decreased firmness?

Collagenizing® — Get the best version of yourself

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