Eye bag treatment

Eye bag treatment is a set of methods used to reduce and eliminate the symptoms of eye bags. This cosmetic problem is rarely a sign of a more serious disease, but before it is proceeded to treatment, any medical issue should be ruled out. Eye bags are characterized by swelling under the eyes, and they are sometimes accompanied by dark circles around the eyes.

Puffy eyes

Puffy eyes, especially in combination with by dark circles can be an aesthetic problem and can cause significant distress. Eye bags are the consequence of ageing, as the skin loses elasticity and it starts to sag. This effect can additionally make a person look older. Eye bag treatment can significantly improve the situation.

Eye bags are a natural consequence of aging. As the skin ages, the muscles that support the eyelids weaken and lead to wrinkles and loose skin. Besides that, fatty tissue around the eyes (orbital fat) that serve as cushioning, tend to move and cause the puffy eyes effect.

  • Fluid retention because of salt overconsumption;
  • Allergies can cause capillary leaks and lead to swelling;
  • Thyroid gland issues such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism;
  • Skin disorders such as dermatitis;
  • Alcohol and tobacco use can impact hormonal change, which leads to swelling.

Other causes

Fatigue and sleep deprivation can also cause puffy eyes as well as dark circles. The skin around the eyes is particularly thin, approximately 0.5mm. Blood vessels are easily visible, so when dilated those blood vessels lead to dark circles. They can be hereditary, as well as caused by some medical conditions. But they are also the consequence of aging, because losing collagen makes the skin more transparent. Both eye bags and dark circles are mainly cosmetic issues and can lead to appearance concerns and distress.

We strongly advise people who suffer from eye bags first try to eliminate bad habits that can lead to this skin condition. Moreover, there are some simple and applicable tips can help in reducing the symptoms. First of all,  make sure to have a good night’s sleep, keep your head slightly raised during your sleep and put a cool towel under your eyes for a several minutes.

Treatment methods and procedures

There are several treatment methods and procedures that can help improve the situation, such as:

  • Allergy medications can help if allergies are the cause of eye bags;
  • Anti-wrinkle treatments like laser resurfacing chemical peels and dermal fillers are for eye bags which are the result of natural ageing process;
  • Eyelid surgery is the most invasive method but it is very efficient in eliminating eye bags, puffy eyelids, excess skin on lower eyelids and similar skin problems.

All these methods and procedures are safe and efficient if properly conducted. If eye bags bother you and if you would like to find the best way to eliminate this esthetic problem, make an appointment and discuss your options with our expert Dubai dermatologist.

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