Dr. Raef Ghattas (Egypt)

General Practitioner

Languages: English, Arabic
Departments: General Practice

Dr. Raef Ghattas is a multispecialty physician with 10 years of experience. He holds a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery from Assiut University, Egypt, where he graduated in 2012.

He received training at university and governmental hospitals for a year and joined the Egyptian armed forces as a medical officer, receiving training on military medicine and serving in army units and hospitals for almost 3 years.

Dr. Ghattas later joined the American Family medicine training in the German hospital in Aswan, Egypt, for 3 years after which he started to help in teaching junior residents and medical students while expanding his experience in the ICU team and Surgery department for 2 years. He was a part of the Itailan hospital surgery team in Cairo as a part timer along with Al Hayat specialized hospital ICU team. After that he held the position of the medical Director of the American Medical Clinic, RAK UAE.

Dr. Ghattas, also holds a CCT from Cahaba Family medicine residency, Alabama University, and a membership of the Royal college of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

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