General Practice
Better safe than sorry, every day

Our General Practice department provides a wide range of comprehensive primary diagnostic, preventative, and treatment services to patients of any age who experience various acute and chronic diseases and injuries.

Our General Practitioners are highly qualified physicians with extensive experience in the management of various diseases and conditions. They request and perform all relevant diagnostic laboratory tests, functional studies e.g. ECG and medical imaging e.g. X-Ray and prescribe necessary treatments.

They perform the initial assessment and have a pivotal role in the multidisciplinary approach to patient’s problem. Additionally, they also educate patients in disease prevention and health maintenance and have an integral role in developing individualized health packages.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of emergency and non-emergency general health problems
  • Performance of minor surgeries like minor cuts and wounds
  • Management of minor fractures and concussion assessment
  • Diagnosis of Allergies including food allergies, Asthma, Eczema, Hay fever and performing allergy screening tests
  • Preventive care, including routine Health checks, Health risk assessment
  • Immunization, Routine Cervical and Breast screening
  • Travel advise and vaccination
  • ECG performance and analysis
  • General Health packages for men and women
  • Management of minor ENT problems
  • Management of chronic diseases and illnesses
  • Management of common women’s health problems
  • Management of minor pediatric health problems
  • Affordable STD Tests
  • Laboratory tests referrals and analysis
  • Radiological and ultrasound referrals and analysis

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