Dr. Lorene Saad (Egypt)

General Practitioner

Languages: English, Arabic
Departments: GP

Dr. Lorene Saad is a highly skilled and compassionate general practitioner with a remarkable background in Internal Medicine. With over fifteen years of experience and a Post Graduate Diploma in Internal Medicine, Dr. Lorene has honed her expertise in various medical fields, including ultrasonography and intensive care. Her dedication to professional growth led her to also pursue Family Medicine and develop wide knowledge across various educational settings.

Her patient-centric approach and effective communication skills ensured the highest quality of care for inpatients and ER patients. Moreover, Dr. Lorene actively participated in Hospital Quality Improvement and Risk Management Initiatives, providing the delivery of top-notch medical services.

Dr. Lorene also specialized in pelvic-abdominal and thyroid imaging through four years of ultrasonography practice, holding an active ACLS certificate. She further developed her skills in breast sonography and Doppler studies. With three years of ICU experience, she demonstrates exceptional proficiency in managing critically ill patients, showcasing her dedication to providing comprehensive medical support.

Dr. Lorene Saad’s unwavering commitment to patient care, her extensive expertise, and passion for professional growth make her a valuable addition to the esteemed medical team at Al Das Medical Clinic. With her joining our ranks, we are further committed to providing exceptional healthcare services and a welcoming environment for our valued patients.

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