Tap into the root of the problem

Diet & Nutrition Department at Al Das Clinic provides comprehensive nutrition services to improve the health and quality of life for patients.

Diet & Nutrition specialists provide nutrition counseling by applying evidence-based research to a wide variety of cases ranging from weight management to medical nutrition therapy for patients with diabetes, cardiovascular problems, nutrition during pregnancy etc.

Our specialists teach patients and their families innovative ways to promote optimal nutrition, health and wellness. This information, provided by our registered dietitian nutritionist, can improve a patient’s overall well-being with important changes in dietary and lifestyle habits.

While tackling nutrition education and lifestyle modification during nutrition counseling is necessary, we also believesupport on deeper levels of thought and beliefs is needed to initiate sustainable, meaningful change.

  • Skin lesion excision
  • Weight management
  • PCOS and insulin resistance
  • Pregnancy Nutrition
  • Child & Infant nutrition
  • Diabetes, high cholesterol or blood pressure
  • Digestive problems (IBS/reflux/bloating…)
  • Sports nutrition (performance/bulking/toning)
  • Eating disorders and troubled relationship with food
  • Emotional eating
  • and more…

Improving your health and making lifestyle changes should not be a stressful process, if managed correctly.

Allow us to guide you through the process.

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