Chocolate and the heart

Chocolate lovers can rejoice in the cardiovascular benefits of small amounts of the dark varieties rich in bitter flavonols. Sadly, people passionate about white and milk chocolate ingest onlfont-family: ‘Niramit’, serif!important;y sugar and fat.

Smoking and stroke

Smoking doubles the risk of stroke. That’s the bad news. The good news is that quitting helps and that within just five years of quitting, former smokers face the same likelihood of stroke as nonsmokers.

Asthma triggers

Common asthma triggers include vigorous exercise, cold air, stress, air pollution, and viral respiratory infections (such as a cold). Some research suggests that indoor allergens (dust mites, dust, animal dander, pollens, and mold) are a particularly potent contributor as we get older.

Walking vs. swimming and cycling

Swimming and bicycling are great forms of exercise and gentle on the joints, but they generally don’t create enough resistance to increase bone density. In that respect, walking is better.

Pregnancy and diabetes

Women who develop diabetes during pregnancy have a higher chance of developing type 2 diabetes later on in life than women who don’t develop this pregnancy complication. If you had gestational diabetes, getting your blood sugar tested at least once every three years is a good idea.

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