Why are prenatal visits important?

Prenatal care is crucial for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. You will visit your gynecologist regularly, but – when you enter your third trimester – you should also visit the pediatrician who will be your child’s doctor from day one.

5 key reasons to see your future pediatrician before childbirth

It is a great opportunity for pediatricians to

  • introduce parents to practice,
  • gather basic information,
  • provide guidance,
  • identify high-risk situations,
  • promote parental skills.

This visit is especially important if you are a first-time parent. You will talk about your pregnancy, risks (and high risks), eventual complications, your previous pregnancies (if any), and perinatal or neonatal complications.

Your future pediatrician is an excellent listener and will give you very useful advice. You will learn about the importance of early skin-to-skin contact, routine newborn screening (jaundice, hearing assessment, congenital heart disease tests, etc.)

Also, your pediatrician will cover all issues young parents struggle with: how to organize consultation over the phone or via video call, and what to do if the problem occurs during the night.

This is the key aspect of your visit. You know how important breastfeeding is, and your pediatrician will explain what to do in every situation. Your child’s doctor is the best support you’ll need when it comes to breastfeeding.

Your life is changing, so is the life of your family. You will eat differently, sleep differently – you will live differently. And that is a good thing. Your pediatrician understands that not everything will go smoothly. And you will immediately feel better.

You can talk about dietary concerns for the family, possible food allergies, cultural feeding practices, and all the stress that can occur. Also, there is health insurance for the baby, family preparation (physical and emotional), and many safety concerns your pediatrician will address.

All of the above are the reasons a pediatric prenatal visit during the third trimester is highly recommended: it enables the development of a supportive and trusting relationship.

Pediatricians can support and guide expectant parents, gather basic information, offer information and advice regarding the infant, and may identify psychosocial risks in early and high-risk situations.

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