Rajaa El Khatib (Lebanon)

Clinical Dietitian

Languages: Arabic and English
Departments: Clinical Nutrition

From weight management to medical nutrition therapy, our expert Rajaa offers non-traditional approach to nutrition, focusing on psychology and behavioral strategies for a non-stressful, tailored health journey.

Rajaa El Khatib is a licensed dietitian with 4 years of experience in the health-care field. She graduated from the renowned Lebanese-American University with high distinction and regularly takes part in nutrition-related workshops.

Rajaa provides nutrition counseling by applying evidence-based research to a wide variety of cases ranging from weight management to medical nutrition therapy for patients with diabetes, cardiovascular problems, nutrition during pregnancy etc.

Currently completing a UK based diploma to become a certified eating disorder practitioner, she also specializes in treating people with eating disorders and a troubled relationship with food. She helps people reach food freedom and their health goals without the stress which usually accompanies it.

While tackling nutrition education and lifestyle modification during nutrition counseling is necessary, she also believes support on deeper levels of thought and beliefs is needed to initiate and achieve sustainable, meaningful change.

Moreover, Rajaa has extensive experience working with athletes and fitness enthusiasts to help them with performance, recovery and body composition goals using evidence-based and personalized nutrition recommendations.

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