Dr. Mariam Metias (Egypt)

General Practitioner

Languages: English, Arabic
Departments: General Practice

Dr. Mariam Metias is a Family Physician who graduated from Ain Shams Medical School in 2013, finished 1-year internship training at University Hospitals, after which she joined a 3-year Aswan-Cahaba Family Medicine training in the German Hospital under supervision of American Family Medicine consultants. She expanded her experience as a family medicine specialist in Mokkatam, a specialized hospital in Cairo, Egypt and joined the American Medical Clinic team in RAK.

Dr. Mariam can attend to most of adults’ and children’s ailments and enjoys educating patients about their health problems. She holds a CCT from Cahaba University Alabama, and a master’s degree from Suez Canal University in Family medicine. With 8+ years of experience, Dr. Mariam is used to working in multinational environments. She is committed to collaborating closely with patients, families and other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive medical care.

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