Dr. Jelena Maksimović (Serbia)

GP / Pediatrician

Languages: Serbian, English, Slovenian, French
Departments: Pediatrics

Dr. Jelena Maksimović is a Board Certified Pediatrician with 9 years experience treating inpatients and outpatients for various conditions. She received her M. D. and Pediatric Specialty from the Medical Faculty of the University of Belgrade, Serbia.

She started her professional career at Mother And Child Health Care Institute of Serbia “Dr. Vukan Čupić”, as an intern, where she worked with children both with acute and chronic illness. After that, she had been working at the City Institute For Emergency Medical Services as a Pediatric Specialist, where she diagnosed and treated a variety of diseases and injuries in a general practice setting, with special attention to pediatric patients.

In University Children’s Hospital Dr. Jelena was Pediatric Resident and ordered and executed diagnostic tests and analyzed diagnostic images to further investigate patient conditions, and advised and educated patients regarding diet, hygiene and effective disease prevention methods. One of her main fields of expertise is growth and development concerns.

Dr. Jelena has a special focus on endocrinology problems that children and teenagers might have. Also, she took part in many clinical studies created and lead by the Endocrinology Department of the University Children’s Hospital, as a sub-investigator.

Calm, observant and compassionate, Dr. Jelena is an excellent choice to work with children.

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