Dr. Ivica Djupovac (Serbia)

General Practitioner

Languages: Serbian, English, Croatian
Departments: General Practice

Dr. Ivica Djupovac graduated from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Medicine in 2008.

As an intern he worked at the Clinical Center of Serbia, Department of Gastroenterohepatology and Local Health Center Vozdovac, Belgrade.

He worked at General Hospital Belgrade Medic, Belgrade from June 2009 as a medical doctor in the Outpatient Ward.

Since April 2010 he has worked at the Clinical-hospital center “Beogradski”, Belgrade as a medical doctor in both outpatient and inpatient wards.

He possesses numerous other skills including experience with vaccinations, ECG, spirometry, allergy skin tests, blood sample tests, parenteral therapy. Dr. Ivica has a special interest in Radiology and Internal medicine.

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